Tyga is in Trouble!

Tyga animation with "Golden Shoes" Kylie Jenner and a Police officer.

Piggytron an android pig toy. Tyga Woods is in trouble! Failed rapper Wiz Khalifa… Oink… I mean Tyga seems to be having a hard time with basic decision making skills. First the rapper became involved with Kylie Jenner who uses a Dyson on her lips and weenie to make them huge! Second the once jailed nursery rhyme singer has inked a deal to put his name on a pair of sneakers… not just any sneaker mind you; but “LA Gear“! The only person who would wear these gold monstrosities is the genie from aladdin! Third Tiger-man got served with court papers during an LA Gear promotional appearance… Proving once and for all that this tyga should be saving his gold Egyptian coins for child support and bribing the guards at your local zoo! Oinky!!!!