Taylor Swift is a Vampire!!!!

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Taylor Swift is a Vampire! The aging singer & songwriter best known for her album “1989” has become a creature of the night! Some say that Taylor’s been sucking for years with her “haggard country music but during this summers tour for her hit album “1989”, the singer acquired a taste for abducting men and consuming the blood of small children in the pursuit of physical perfection.

Experts fear that Swift’s insatiable hunger for world domination won’t end until the earth is a “Blank Space”! oink! If Taylor Swift appears in your bathroom mirror or knocks on your door naked, run and hide, she will bite your weenie off!  Piggytron Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News by an android pig who loves chips and candy. oink!

Taylor Swift is a Vampire, Piggytron.com celebrity gossip and entertainment news parody

Taylor Swift; Creature of the night.

Taylor Swift and Her “Bad Blood” Are Infecting Americas Youth! Strike Back w/ Garlic & Tampons!