Margot Robbie is Poor?!?!

Margot Robbie is Poor in bikini with declined credit card

Australian born actress & Hollywood it girl Margot Robbie is everywhere lately, starring in summer blockbusters, ad campaigns & appearing on red carpets, but is she hiding an embarrassing secret? Margot Robbie brought her Oscar caliber acting chops to classic films such as “Suicide Squad” & “The Dogs of Ball Street”. She demands huge paychecks for every acting and modeling job she receives. Legions of fans, young and old shell out hard earned cash for Blu-rays, makeup & toys emblazoned with her image… Yet Margot Robbie trudges around in tattered rags, carrying whatever groceries she can afford in desperate need of a motor vehicle!

Actress Margot Robbie no makeup in the Street

Is Margot Robbie Poor?

Homeless and poverty stricken actress Margot Robbie is forced to bathe in the ocean! Where are her clothes? Does she live in her car?! No makeup? She cant afford it! Street walking Friends? Arrested?!?! Arrested. Where are her parents? Why doesn’t Will Smith just give her the 100.00 he owes her? He cant afford it!!!! The joker sent her a dead rat… And she ate it! 

Bad Credit… No Credit… Margot Robbie Pay Day Loan!!!

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