Kanye West vs. Nike

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Kanye West made a name for himself as an american music performer by stealing the spotlight from other artists such as Jay-Z, Beck & Taylor Swift. During a recent new years eve show West had another outburst; this time calling out Nike, the worlds most popular footwear brand for simply conducting business the way they have since their inception in January of 1964.

Kanye West or “Yeezy” has been in the public eye for almost a decade producing music, wearing “Hunger Games” style clothing and knitted shoes. Now he appears to have a mad case of sneaker envy because of the way Nike fired him, and the fact that he didn’t make thriller.

Yeezus isn’t worth a food stamp and his wife is a human balloon! Kanye… Please! Rename one of your kids Nike and apologize, maybe they will forgive you and start sending you free shoes again!

Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Pigs or Classic Shoe Designs!!!!

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