Is Drake Gay?!?!

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Hot-line Bling or Hot-line Ding-a-ling?!?! People all over the world are asking “Is Drake Gay”?

Aubrey Graham, actor, singer & undisputed king of Canadian rap known as “Drake” is gay! Is Drake really gay? Has Drake really gone from “Hot-line Bling” to “Hot-line Ding-a-ling”?!?! Piggytron Dug through “Real” Hollywood trash to bring you this exclusive expose’ on the artist formerly known as Drake. Piggytron Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News by an android pig who loves chips and candy.

Drakes New Man!?!?

Drake has been seen about town with Men’s tennis star Serena Williams, their awkward meetings include bowls of Chef Boyardee & creating a new form of naked tennis where you play using four balls at once. Yes. oink… bzzt… four balls at once.

Jordan OVO Shoe Line

Drake’s signature Nike Air Jordans are the elegant dance shoes Nike and fans never asked for. The pearl overtones accent a spiraling career and a flamboyant nature similar to Michael Jacksons work after “Thriller”. Any chance Drake had of being more than a one hit wonder was pumped into Nicki Minaj’s butt 3 years ago!!!! oink…

Soap Operas

How many rappers get their start on afternoon soap operas? Hmmm oink. Drake made a name for himself crying on t.v. about his sexual identity and now a guy known only as “Birdman” keeps him under contract and in a cage! Brooooo! oinky!

Is Drake Gay? Color change Gif by Piggytron Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News Parodys

Guilty! … Drake is Gay! Piggytron Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News by an android pig who loves chips and candy.

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