Gigi Hadid is a Hamburger!!!

Gigi Hadid Victorias Secret Model is a Hamburger

Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular young models on the scene today. She is all over the catwalks and red carpets of Hollywood, but is the “Victorias Secret Angel” hiding a strange secret??? Runway and newsstand staple Gigi Hadid has had her share of controversy, dating bad boys, dating good boys, dating hags, your sister’s a horse! But when faced with ardent questioning Gigi Hadid only has one reply… a hamburger. A hamburger? A HAMBURGER!?!?

Is Gigi Hadid a Hamburger?!?!

Evidence suggests that Mz. Hadid has been hiding her two buns, all beef patties, tomatoes & my cousin from the public for years. Flaunting her relationships, making tons of cash for personal appearances when she is in fact, “a hamburger”! Gigi is available in rare, medium and extra crispy!

Victorias Secret?
Whats she hiding?
A hamburger?
A hotdog?

Gigi Hadid Funny Hamburger

Did you see that? Look closer… dude there is a hamburger in there, it knows whats good.

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