Ed Sheeran is a Leprechaun!!!!

Ed Sheeran with two dancing leprechauns and a box of Lucky Charms cereal
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World famous british singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran’s heart felt acoustic tunes make women swoon, but does he have a trick up his sleeve? Possibly “Ancient Irish Magic”? Piggytron.com dug through “real” hollywood trash, collecting clues and examining the hard evidence to bring you the inside scoop on Ed’s “Lucky Charms”! Piggytron.com has secured indisputable evidence that Ed Sheeran is a Leprechaun and has been hiding his secret Irish lineage for years!!!!

Ed Sheeran is a Leprechaun Piggytron Celebrity Gossip Tattoo Interview

Ed Sheeran’s been hiding a traditional Leprechaun tattoo.

Leprechauns are enchanting Irish creatures of small stature who possess supernatural abilities such as hypnosis, telekinesis, teleportation & shape shifting. Legend states that if you are able to catch (capture) a leprechaun you gain control of an endless gold supply in the form of pre-historic coins. So Fab!!!! Piggytron Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News by an android pig who loves chips and candy.

Electra records reportedly caught Sheeran in late 2011 and have been abusing his powers of persuasion ever since. Ed has been working non stop since signing his record contract a source close to the singer exclaimed “Working his magic… performing for sold out crowds as some sort of mystic payola for an evil corporation”.

Superfans and keen observers were quick to point out Mr. Sheerans penchant for green colored clothing, mangy facial hair & collection of gold records as possible clues to Ed’s true heritage. Sources have informed Piggytron.com that Sheeran’s upcoming album will be titled “Corned Beef & Cabbage: The Truth Y’all” and is currently in production in your local cereal aisle!!!! Oink!!!!

Ed Sheeran wearing traditional Leprechaun attire in recently declassified photo with two women dressed as leprechauns

Ed Sheeran wearing traditional Leprechaun attire in recently declassified official government photo.

Leprechauns Don’t Have Weenies!!!! Ed Sheeran Urinates Green Jelly & Has No Pee Pee For Ellie Goulding Pokemon!!!!

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