Donald Trump is Gay!

Donald Trump is Gay!
© 2016

Republican party presidential candidate, real estate mogul and television personality Donald Trump is gay! Donald Trump made a name for himself and a vast fortune eating pig dick sandwiches and leaching off the teat of the american middle class in the eighties. He has created several commercial properties, made a joke of his profession on television every week and constructed the Taj Mahal for his wife Ivana. The Taj Mahal was built as a testament to their love but their marriage ended soon after its completion when Trump lost his scrotum to the devil in a bad real estate deal.

Trumps detractors have plenty to say on the subject of his candidacy: Piggytron an android pig toy.

“Donald Trumps hair looks like Sigourney Weaver weaved a golden basket of shit!”

“He doesn’t drink or smoke but he looks like tan mom with throat cancer.”

“Donald Trump eats to much fried chicken to be president… his skin looks like chicken strips!”

“Both of Trump’s parents are now dead because of his poor investments… is this really what America needs?” Oink!

Hillary Clinton one of Trumps main competitors in the election is quoted as saying “Yes my husband Bill and I ate small pieces of Trump’s penis that we purchased whole sale from the devil on E-Bay… but it was only to absorb his political acumen and make Bills penis white again! I hold no ill will against Donald and wish him the best in regards to his campaign.” Clinton has herself done nothing to preserve her own dignity or for women’s rights since that Harvard bake sale in 1942 where she bought some tampons to eat.

In more recent news Trump has been infected with the aids virus for so long that he’s building a new Hotel & Casino called HIV to increase social awareness of his monkey blood disease. It has also been reported that trump has a cellophane penis and that it is inflated when hot air is blown into his pee pee. News of this is spreading quickly and golden blonde gay property owner’s don’t want to be associated with trump and his campaign. Double Oink!