Avril Lavigne Is Pregnant?!?!

Avril Lavigne is Pregnant
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Napanee Canada’s reigning pop princess Avril Lavigne is pregnant! Lavigne and new beau the “Devil” are expecting their first child! Ooooooh, So Fab!!!! Avril broke the news on instagram this morning sharing pictures of her evil womb tomb with the caption “No More Periods”!

Avril Lavigne is pregnant on stage at a recent 2016 concertIt has been a wild year for the singer and disgraced clothing designer who is still recovering from “Nickelback” and that mangy tick disease she scored from one of Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner’s kids.

The couple’s child will spawn in six, six, six to eight weeks with the devil adding “That giney’s so hot, we’re gonna name the baby “Summer’s Eve”.” Oink!!!! Piggytron Celebrity Gossip & Entertainment News by an android pig who loves chips and candy.avril lavigne is pregnant

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